In a sea of advertisers,

We make you the star of the ocean.

We are on a mission to redefine how digital marketing and traditional marketing complement each other
by integrating Starfish’s full-service agency into your marketing campaigns tactics.


Makes Us Different

Together with Altitude Digital Solutions, we answer the simple questions like “How to plan a digital marketing campaign.” We started small, but quickly grew in Texas and Louisiana markets, and now we manage campaigns in over 42 markets.

Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, Social, Programmatic, Email, VR, Web Development

Traditional Marketing 

Cable TV, Broadcasting Ads, Radio, Print buys, PR

Brand Strategy 

Don’t overlook storytelling…brand your business as a media company!

Content Marketing

Your message should be relevant and not random.


Starfish Ad Age & Altitude Digital Solutions brings a unique approach to digital and traditional marketing. We help businesses create a robust online and offline presence through Programmatic, SEO, SEM, Social, Traditional media and innovative advertising like VR Marketing. We live in East Texas, but certainly do not follow the conventional full-service agency methods of marketing. We manage marketing campaigns for businesses of all sizes by building compelling campaigns and will not settle for the run of the mill approach.

Programmatic 90%
Minority & Woman Owned 100%
IAB Certified 100%
Don't eat tide pods 99%

Starfish Ad Age Digital Marketing East Texas Longview Tyler

Digital Marketing has changed the media landscape in more ways than most brands realize. Every media company now claims to be a digital expert which makes things even more challenging. Our team is IAB certified so we do not just work with Google and Facebook. We create strategies for the entire web. Audiences don’t live on these two platforms alone.

starfish traditional marketing mailDespite what you may hear from anyone else, Traditional Media is still alive and works well especially when complemented with a digital plan. We create media plans and buys for our clients that make sense. Our approach is not the same as last month or last year for that matter. We create ad campaigns that drive awareness and traffic online and offline.

Knowing who you are, sounds simple right? The truth is if you cannot tell your brand’s story how else will anyone know who you are? Starfish can help define your key message with a strategy that puts you in front of the right audience without losing your core message.

In the age of information at your fingertips, companies need to publish content that sets your brand apart from everyone else. Which is why we believe “Ads should be Relevant and not Random.”

Agency Collaboration Makes The Difference 

Marketing can seem overwhelming and, with everyone now calling themselves digital experts, it is no wonder businesses do not understand the digital marketing ecosystem. We love educating our clients on the newest technologies and platforms available.  We incorporate the old and new together which makes for a stronger brand approach. Our cutting-edge strategies and state of the art technology make us one of the only agencies outside of Dallas to provide the highest targeted, ad performance-based campaigns.

Mix Traffic Across Multiple Platforms

Innovative Marketing  

Virtual Reality Marketing

What is VR Marketing?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the technology of artificial computer-generated designed or scanned environment.

VR Marketing takes a space and creates a personalized space for consumers to experience and engage with the brand like never before.



These guys are one of the most experienced digital agencies I’ve worked with. I highly recommended them. If you are not sure where to start digitally, give them a call!  You will not regret it.

Rickey Clark

Starfish Ad Age manages twenty-seven of our locations throughout Texas and Louisiana. I recommend them to anyone who needs a real boost, not just in sales, but in brand engagement.

Connie Cordaro

They are an amazing marketing agency which is 100% committed in seeing your business grow. I am grateful to work with them.  Starfish understands my goals and executes them in great fashion.

Dr. Travis Kendall



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