Who Are We? Marketing Geeks

We help build business solutions which generate new and loyal audiences. A complete comprehensive plan identifying missed opportunities, and help reduce waste and increase marketing performance. Starfish Ad Age will help you Plan & Strategize your marketing campaigns in 2018.

Having a clear Goal (KPI) in mind is vital, understanding that “More Sales” is a clear KPI but getting there is where the preparation takes place. Now that you have your KPI’s in order, we must determine a clear mission and message to reach or talk to your audience. Not every ad unit should have a Call To Action feature, jeez.

We help brands review market position, with competitive analysis. Once we have established a unique position in the market, we help you execute priorities, first thing’s first. Setting up the plans sound simple, but that’s where companies make mistakes.  We only care about it CPA Cost Per Action.  Results.

Features That Set Us Apart

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Mobile Revolution

It's always On & never away from our hands. We are glued to our devices more than ever, and we can't live without it.

Why Mobile Should Be First

We all live within our mobile devices, look around. We carry business, personal and entertainment in our pockets.

37yrs Industry Experience

Our competitive advantage, product, service, and digital investment make us leaders in East Texas.

We are IAB Certified

We manage marketing strategy for business in the Auto, Medical, QSR. We help build business solutions.


Some forms of digital ads have become the new traditional. Delivering ads are no longer about frequency but more about relevancy.

The New Traditional

Traditional still has a role in an overall strategy, but the problem comes into play when viewership is declining, but rates are still expensive.

Social Attention

Social Media is more about connecting with consumers and not trying to sell shit all the time.

Connect with fans not customers

Social welcomes you to the world of no one cares anymore unless it’s something I was just looking for and can speak to me inside my favorite platform.


Delivering messages in different platforms take an understanding of each one and how you speak to them in those platforms.

Intent Marketing

The mistake of taking one ad creative from one platform and trying to deliver that message to another is broken strategy.


If you don’t have some kind of Analytics on your website by now, you are missing real data, you can use for your business to grow.


We harness of your data into one simple to use custom dashboard and help manage all the data points. We Plan, Execute and Optimize.

We Make Marketing Easier

Real Time Bidding

Programmatic indeed is the new traditional. Capturing the attention of people in Real Time has become a challenge for brands. But be leery of everyone that offers you RTB/Programmatic who can’t explain the difference. Capabilities, Reach, Conversions are all questions brands should ask. Brands should also ask about brand safety, and measurements in place to help protect Your Brand. Starfish have the answers to those questions and much more.


Starfish helps manage all the data. Our team explains how they all connect and what they mean for your business. Our goal is to focus on the message and audience to connect the right media.

  • Google Analytics

  • Facebook Insights

  • Digital Traffic Sources

  • Call Tracker

  • Transparency

  • Data Harness Strategy

  • 24/7 Access

Meet The Marketing Geeks

Relevant Not Random

Internet ads influence purchase decisions ranging from Electronics to Clothing, CPG, Auto, and Finance. 9 out of 10 users visited the top categories of Entertainment, Services, Search, Social, News, Retail but spent the majority of their time on Entertainment, Services, and Social Media. The #1 device is Mobile, it’s where we find ourselves living our lives. It accounts for 69% of our time on a mobile device, and 86% of that was within an app environment.People consume an enormous amount of media with mobile, from Video, Audio, eBooks, News, Email, Content and much more.Our approach is to deliver ads that are “Relevant Not Random” we’ve built our foundation not just around one platform. We help brands navigate all ecosystems digital and traditional.

Skills We Use

Social 95%
Traditional 89%
Digital 97%
Analytics 90%


Michelle Hiltzman

Michelle has spent more than 20yrs in Communications, Marketing, and Sales. Her extensive corporate marketing and sales experience with some of the most well-known brands like Papa Johns, Subway, Toyota, DishTV.

Abel Sanchez

Abel’s leadership and passion for digital have helped clients like Ford, Toyota, Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino. IAB Certified with15yrs experience in Marketing, Advertising, and Sales. His love for all things digital.

Braden Forsey

Like every great artist, Braden is a self-taught designer. He is certified in Photoshop and Illustrator. He has worked in graphic design for the past 4yrs. He has a passion for all things art, he loves to spend time with family.