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Do You Understanding Your Digital Audience?

Digital marketers and brand marketing directors, depend on site analytics and insights to get a better picture of their digital traffic. We use this information to determine our audience funnels, but this is only a piece of the puzzle when mapping out a plan.

Even worse if you depend on a vendor to educate you on data, chances are they are going to inform you of what they want you to understand. I get… You are to busy to learn or try to understand this shit because you pay someone else to figure it out for you, after all, you are running a business and where do you find the fucken time, right?

(Making sense of data or pretending you understand cause you don’t want to seem dumb.)

Aligning your digital strategy can be a daunting tactic for anyone and face it these days everyone is an expert. Being able to examine not only your data but understand how to create a digital plan from every aspect of your site with an overall goal to generate results should always be your #1 KPI.

But how do you know if the person you have on your team can design a strategy around your business? Many vendors now claim they have ways to help generate leads but what they are really doing is taking a copy and paste blueprint.

Let’s call them what they are “Packages.”

So who can you trust?

Truth is there are agency’s who understand how to connect all the campaign data and align a plan that is designed for your business. Before you hire someone, get to understand some fundamental basics on not just data but what platforms are available and how they can impact your strategy.

Ask for a plan of action AKA Blueprint.

Sign up, and we will email you what you should ask for before you hire a freelancer or agency.

We develop partnerships with our clients, and never stop learning. We don’t consider ourselves experts or digital gurus, those titles are left for the talented individuals who are creating the platforms and technology we use to deploy marketing campaigns.

Instead, call us Digital Chameleons.

Starfish focuses on generating results, while others stick to the standard practices of every other digital media vendor who only concentrates on traffic and CTR’s.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Click Here and schedule a call

Not convinced? Here are several testimonials from our client’s.

Connie Cordaro
Papa Johns
Marketing Director

OMG!! I manage over 75 locations across the US and Starfish Ad Age has made my life and job easy! They’ve made me look like a rock star! I don’t know what I would do without them. Others talk about conversions but can’t deliver results like Starfish, not only do they make my life easy but we strategize and plan weekly/month/quarterly. I don’t know what I would do WITHOUT THEM!

Dr. Travis Kendall
Texas Sedation Dental & Implant Center

Starfish has taken my business to a new level, these guys understand digital marketing better then any other vendor I’ve worked with in the past. Abel and his team focus on my business and have helped our office close over half of million in new business! I highly recommend them for all your digital marketing needs. Before you sign up with any other agency, give them a call and I guarantee you will be impressed with their capabilities.

Joel Primrose
Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram
Digital E-Commerce Director

One could use large or professional words to describe Starfish. I have one word. AWESOME!!! You cannot forget the three exclamation points either. They showed up and rocked it. Very easy to communicate with and are very capable on capitalizing shared ideas! They know what they are doing, and do it well!!!

Jeff Wodka

Starfish Ad Age is the epitome of Digital Leadership! Awesome customer focus, Excellent upper management & follow through on everything they do make Starfish Ad Age the ones to use as your ONLY Digital Ad Agency!

Ad Agency

Abel is genuinely one of the most talented digital experts we have had the pleasure of working with, from the moment we started talking about programmatic we felt his passion for digital marketing. He explained programmatic advertising in a way we understood and made sense. At first, we did feel a bit skeptical, but once we talked through the process we are excited about our partnership!

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