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Full Digital Audit

Connecting Other Digital Platforms To Improve Online Presence

Understanding how to connect your digital marketing, strategies that convert into sales. We provide full in-depth digital audits and design a blueprint designed for your business, by providing insights that can improve performance you and your staff will learn what resources to us in today’s chaotic digital ecosystem.

Today’s digital arena is played in a much more complex data-driven environment that consists of multiple touch points. If you have been wondering what a digital auditor is should I take a “free site audit,” understand those are sales gimmicks some companies use to gather your info and a lot of them are free plugins. These provide limited information need to help improve your brand presence.

A few questions our clients ask about digital audits:
Digital Audits worth the cost?
What do these digital audits audit?
Choosing the right partner, whom to trust?
Will I have to do anything during the digital audit?

What is a digital audit?

It is a comprehensive report that is designed to improve your overall digital goals and increase your organization’s online presence.

Below are just a few items which should be listed on your report:

  1. Quantitative Analysis
  2. Site Crawl
  3. Competitive Analysis
  4. Channel Breakdown
  5. Recommendations
  6. Long-term strategy
  7. Mult Platform Tactics
  8. Timeline
  9. KPI’s
  10. GDPR

Each of the digital audit items should be broken out and explained. A digital partner should take a holistic overview of your digital strategy and evaluate goals and missed opportunities. Reviewing the local digital landscape from site design, CTA, brand awareness, social content and more.

Lots of media companies, freelancers and ad agencies provide free digital audits, but very few of them have any experienced team to deliver value. Be cautious about agencies that offer a one size fits all approach, and THERE IS NO ONE SIZE FITS ALL.

Digital Knowledge, is not the same as Digital Execution.

Many agencies are great at SEM, SEO, Facebook Ads, and creative execution but you need more than ad platforms to have a highly successful digital campaign. Understanding the tactics used across multiple platforms is not only the key but it’s the heart of Starfish Ad Age LLC does as a digital agency.

A few things you should look for and ask your digital partner.

How much is outsourced?
What platforms do you use?
How do you execute and optimize campaigns?

Being able to understand these primary digital metrics are critical when choosing a digital agency partner, having these up-front discussions about KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) during your conversation. Just saying “We love analytics” is not the same as being able to execute off of them.

Starfish Ad Age LLC specializes in programmatic advertising. We bring the world of programmatic into a full platform(s) strategy approach. Our team helps you build an online presence that generates sales from not just your site but every other platform you use to connect with consumers.