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Myths about Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic is one of those platforms that you either love, hate or both...

Programmatic is one of those platforms that you either love, hate or both. On one side you have tremendous capabilities at your disposal, and on the other, you have enormous confusion that scares marketers shitless.

There are many “experts” running around adding to the confusion because they don’t understand the fundamentals and the difference in platforms. That sounds weird to say, but it is the reality brands see in small to mid-size markets, even larger markets.

“Outside of FB and Google, there is a massive ocean of consumers you can target at scale, with data-driven campaign and intelligence.”

I am no expert, guru or “stable genius,” but I understand and live in this space, I’ve seen the power of programmatic and it is indeed the New Traditional.

Here are a few myths that confuse marketers, brand and sales reps.

1. “Why you shouldn’t see your ads.” I recently read an article listing several reasons why you shouldn’t. As am reading this list, I am thinking to myself, he has a few good points, but then it dawns on me. “This guy is trying to convince me that I shouldn’t see my ads I run programmatically.”

Truth is you should see your ads. If you are spending the right amount of ad dollars and leveraging the right inventory, there is no reason why. What you must understand is that Programmatic is not FB or Google all three have similar auction base targeting tactics, the problem with both FB and Google is you operate within their walled garden, and sometimes the metrics are different in how they calculate.

2. “Programmatic is all the same.” this is true believe it or not, but (of course there’s always a but somewhere) what most marketers only understand or leverage is the Open Exchange. Programmatic is an ocean of targeting capabilities and deals all going after user data and relevance.

Think of Open Exchange like Black Friday, it’s cheap chaotic not the best, but it is a 72in SmartTV. Now am not saying that inventory is terrible, marketers need to know that is what they are getting a “Black Friday” deal. If you are not leveraging the other three deals inside Programmatic, you are missing out.

3. “We have more capabilities than anyone in the market.” By far one of the most misused “sales pitch” among digital sales reps. Everyone has some unique position, a name of their digital product, and internal jargon. Truth is everyone who has access to Programmatic (not GDN) has the same access to exchanges, DMPs, and tactics “capabilities.” However, not everyone has access to PMPs, Strategic Planning, Campaign Management, and Training.

4.”More is better.” To some extent, I believe in that statement. Only if it is your overall goal to add frequency and scale. Here is where most get confused and solely focus on CTR, Impressions and site traffic.

You must be able to peel back layer after layer to understand what and where the impact was and how to make adjustments to the attribution. When you can measure the journey, these tactics become powerful tools that help brands overall KPI’s.

These are just a few of the myths out there about Programmatic Advertising, am sure I could write a book on the subject at this point.

Here is what you should understand about Programmatic and how to leverage it.

First, partner with vendors who understand, execute and optimize campaigns throughout the month and doesn’t wait until the end of the month or when you are about the cancel.

Second, make sure the sales rep understands the digital fundamentals and can explain programmatic advertising.

Last, be sure to leverage all that programmatic has to offer, you will be amazed at what you are missing out.

If you have any doubt, don’t hesitate to reach out to vendors and ask questions but also do a bit of homework, and don’t be afraid to admit you might not know everything.

Look, as I said before I don’t consider myself an expert, guru or “stable genius,” I leave those titles to the individuals, companies who are creating the technology to allow us to deploy these tactics.

I love this never ending crazy digital industry!

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