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Programmatic Advertising

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Simply put, it is the automation of buying and selling digital inventory across desktop, mobile and app environments. If you use Facebook Ad Manager or Google AdWords to advertise, then you are already using a form of programmatic advertising and not even know it. However, there is a sea of ad inventory outside of those two platforms.

Programmatic Advertising is a vast Digital Ecosystem. It is an enormous ocean of DSPs, DMPs, SSPs, PMP deals, first-party, third-party data.
Ad units consent of display, video, native, apps, social, rich media, connected TV, and audio. It is one of the reasons why we call it the “new traditional” because it is the same format only delivered in a digital environment. However, the difference is what you buy, and the tactics used to reach a goal.

Programmatic requires a deep understanding of audiences. Insights to brands audiences come from more than just a few analytics. Our programmatic metrics approach takes data sets, and we build a one of a kind targeting capabilities. Starfish drives maximum efficiency to programmatic ad dollars, delivering in moments that matter and make more impact.

We start analyzing and match to relevant available data through our partners. Consumer brand’s persona which is then applied to engage and build new and existing customer loyalty. Combining demos, psychographics, shopping, behaviors, location, social data, device ID, cookies, purchase history, brand affinity and more. Let’s not forget about the traditional audience and how to impact media delivery in a digital format.

We offer consulting services for brands who are looking to build their in-house programmatic practice.

Bringing simplicity to programmatic ads

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