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Rise of Mobile

Today we cannot go anywhere without our remote control, and by remote control, I am referring to our mobile devices. Whether it is your phone or tablet, we are connected more then we think.

We use our device to pay bills, check balances, order pizza, play music, checkup on family and friends through social media, communicate with emails, text and in some cases use the phone to make a real call to someone. We have moved quickly and quietly to a device that has hundreds of platforms out there we use every day. Let’s face it our devices are the most personal thing we own, to prove my point I am writing this blog on my iPhone right now using a journal app and listening to music at the same time while waiting to get a haircut.

Being about to reach an audience on these devices have become a difficult task. It is not about just flooding the user with ads that are not relevant to them. Targeting audiences here take a lot more planning, A/B testing and optimizing.

As marketers, we must understand that what worked six more months ago doesn’t apply because we live in a living breathing marketplace. Consumers move quickly from platform to platform. Regardless of the news that Facebook is selling your data to advertisers (as if you did not already know). Consumers want instant gratification (there’s an app for that), and that is why Google a few years ago shifted their focus on mobile.

If you do not have a plan to leverage mobile as part of your overall marketing plan, you might as well close shop and save your money.

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