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Search Intent Marketing

How to Connect Programmatic Ads to an SEO Campaign?

Let’s start with Search Engine Marketing SEM because it is the simplest to understand. Pay per click PPC ads, Paid Search ads, Cost Per Click CPC, buying ads through keywords or phrases on click bases.

Google AdWords is the leading search engine, and they dominate this category. Like all things digital marketing, with search, you can use data or in this case keywords. We call this kind of marketing “intent marketing.” It is one of the most effective tactics to grow business in a crowded marketplace. When brands use this paid advertisement techniques, the ads appear on search engines on what is called SERPs or search engine results page. Brands bid on keywords that users of products or services search for which give advertisers the ability to bid for attention alongside those search queries.

The most frequently asked question is that is the difference between SEM and SEO and which one should we focus more? Reality is businesses should focus on both, but it depends on your goals. Search Engine Optimization SEO is in our opinion the most critical search marketing companies should not brush aside. SEO is a bit more complicated because unlike SEM it requires both technical and creative understanding. Don’t get this confused with making your website easy for you to navigate through, make it, so your audience has a much better experience. SEO requires you to review your site and content from time to time and adjust it with fresh information your audience is searching.