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What is Programmatic Advertising?

What is Programmatic Ads?

…In a sea of advertisers, we make you the star of the ocean

Simply put, it is the automation of buying and selling digital inventory across desktop, mobile and app environments. If you use Facebook Ad Manager or Google AdWords to advertise, then you are already using a form of programmatic advertising and not even know it. However, there is a sea of ad inventory outside of those two platforms.

Programmatic Advertising is a vast Digital Ecosystem. It is an enormous ocean of DSPs, DMPs, SSPs, PMP deals, first-party, third-party data. Ad units consent of display, video, native, apps, social, rich media, connected TV, and audio. It is one of the reasons why we call it the “new traditional” because it is the same format only delivered in a digital environment. The difference is how you buy the ads and the tactics you use to reach your goal.

A few things to consider when buying programmatic ads. What kind of inventory is available? Are my ads safe from ad fraud? What is recency of the data? Does the agency have a conversion strategy? These are all questions brands should ask. It is why we are proud to have IAB (link) certification; we help steer you through these waves. It is the reason our slogan says “In a sea of advertisers, we make you the star of the ocean.”

  • segmentation criteria
  • tailored message
  • target audience
  • groups of audience
  • audience based
  • meets the criteria
  • process of dividing
  • digital marketing
  • Demand Side Platform
  • Data Management
  • Private Market Place
  • Real Time Bidding
  • Data Driven
  • Digital Ads
  • Social Media
  • Rich Media
  • Audience Measurement
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Online Strategy
  • Conversion Attribution
  • Marketing Channels
  • Multi Media Measurement

Programmatic Solutions

One of the most complicated parts about buying programmatic ads is knowing whom you can rely on to deliver ads across an ecosystem with so many plateaus. Media companies focus on capabilities and not results. We follow the data and where it leads us. After all, if you do not listen to your data/audience you might as well just throw your money away.



Connected TV

Digital Outdoor



With access to mobile, video, standard desktop, social, native and more. We offer solutions to brands with multiple formats across a single platform to maximize optimization performance efficiently. Each format carries strength and brands should leverage them while driving awareness, message recall and purchase intent across everywhere your audience may be.

  • Display Ads
  • Rich Media
  • Native
  • Video
  • In-App
  • Digital OOH Ads
  • Social
  • Brand Surveys
  • Data

Ad Tags are one of the most critical parts of any programmatic strategy or online marketing campaign. These codes give you insights into your audience and help build an audience strategy. Make these pixels part of your campaign goals, and you will see real results. One of the best ways to adjust media plans is to review your data. Our team loves located missed opportunities and point out waste.