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Social Media

Programmatic & The Social Connection

Social media is a broadly used word for sites and applications that provide a place for social actions and interactions. Top social media sites used in the U.S. are Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, Musical.ly, Twitter, Tumblr, WhatsApp, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Simply just adding content on these platforms is not enough, being able to reach consumers at every stage of their journey makes social so powerful. Social platforms have accelerated our culture from every aspect of our lives, keeping up with their pace is a long-term strategy.

We are in a time when there are multiple generations of consumers in these ecosystems and crafting an ad that is more memorable, emotional must be amplified to generate results must focus on three key elements: 

1. Owned 

2. Paid 

3. Earned

Everyone on social is asking for one thing, and that is Attention from celebrities, brands, friends, and family, all of them simultaneously asking you to pause and listen to them.

When you add programmatic advertising to your social strategy will help develop a voice and a brand character but merely shouting “Hey LOOK AT ME” doesn’t work. 

Start with a brand definition, creative, and target audience are the fundamentals and the roadmap to a successful digital presence. Facebook’s is built on audience data or what they call Facebook Audience Network (FAN). I am sure you have noticed ads appear from the previous behavior you have shown exhibited. 

Implementation of a social roadmap is the beginning. Our goal is to deliver content, video, influence, grow a community and amplify your social message. We lay out a plan based on behavior, trends specific to each social platform.

Measurement of content performance across this ecosystem helps provide us with real-time optimization, not just on social but on other platforms.