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traditional marketing

traditional marketing is not dead, it's evolved. you can't reach people the same way anymore.

Cable TV advertising puts your brand front and center on the biggest screen in the house.  Biggest screen=biggest impact!  With demographically targeted networks and thousands of shows, let us help you pinpoint the right audience to tell your story.


We can help you create eye-catching billboard advertisements that will draw attention to your message and brand.  Billboard advertisement is a staple of the media mix because it reaches hundreds of thousands of people.  We will work with you to keep your message short yet impactful.


People looking through publications have a tendency to be receptive to new information and observe only things of interest.   Our team comes up with creative ideas which inspire people. We develop a concept and use imagery and wording to tell your business’ story.

…ads should be relevant and not random

What is traditional marketing? The definition of conventional marketing is print marketing that uses traditional marketing methods which are revolved around the “4 Ps” of marketing: price, placement, product, and promotion, according to the Adobe Blog. The traditional marketing methods are still used regularly today! There are plenty of conventional marketing examples to be found in your everyday world. Have you recently received a card in the mail of coupons for a nearby restaurant? Can you sing a jingle from merely hearing a TV commercial? Have you picked up a local business’ flyer, card, or brochure to peruse in your downtime? Do you notice billboards on the path of your daily route? Are you enticed by the weekly deals from the local pawn shop on the radio? Can you quote the slogan of your local car dealer from their newspaper ad? These are traditional ways of marketing.

Your creditability with the consumer takes a nosedive if you choose not to utilize traditional marketing techniques. Don’t be tricked into thinking that the conventional view of marketing is too old school for your business…people expect it! Traditional marketing research has proven these methods to have a high success rate. Contact us today to strategize and create a traditional marketing system tailored to your company’s needs.

Despite what you may hear from us or anyone else, Traditional Media is still alive and works well when complemented with a digital plan. We create media plans and buys for our clients that make sense. Our approach is not the same as last month or last year for that matter. We create ad campaigns that drive awareness and traffic online and offline.



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